Partner with Good Shepherd Fund to provide clients services free of charge

When you donate to The Good Shepherd Fund, your gift goes to work immediately for the support of the daily care needs of children and adults with disabilities. Your donation will help give peace of mind to the clients we serve and their families knowing their loved one is taken care of.


Together, we will make a difference in the lives of the families we serve

The vast majority of families in the United States are experiencing unprecedented hardships. Our most vulnerable population, aging adults & children with disabilities, find it even harder to access the quality of life they deserve. In light of this, Good Shepherd Fund is working hard to support our clients and their families every day.

For more than 50 years, Good Shepherd Fund has been providing life changing support to the clients we serve. As a result, since 2021 over 40% of our clients are serviced free of charge. We strive to extend that support to even more clients across the nation.

Cultivating personal and compassionate relationships is at the root of what we do. Every client’s need is different. Which is why we collaborate with each of our clients to personalize the support they receive. Because of this, our clients receive services that tangibly enhance their quality of life. Resources such as food, housing, and assistance with making health and financial decisions are crucial in times like these. Our clients can’t afford to lose access to these vital resources. That’s why now more than ever, we need your partnership to help us continue to provide these services and more.

Together, we will greatly impact the lives of our clients and their families. Let’s partner in providing access to great strength for today and a bright hope for tomorrow through the resources and services we provide at Good Shepherd Fund.

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